Board News - Oct 2016

David Tucker, Trustee

Mahatma Gandhi said that only a person who never loses hope can be a leader. As I write this, I know that there is great pain and suffering in our community... in Charlotte... in Tulsa... and around the country and the world. And yet, for all of that, I am filled with deep hopefulness. Why? The great start the Board is having this year; and the wise, wonderful leadership of our congregation by Rev. Deborah Cayer and the rest of the marvelous staff and lay leadership at ERUUF.

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Board News - April 2016

David Tucker, Trustee

The ERUUF Board of Trustees, in its work on behalf of our Fellowship, draws inspiration for its work from many sources. For example, we have a covenant for the Board that we adopt at the beginning of each ERUUF year, and which we strive to live by together to help us in our work and in our relationships with each other. Another source of inspiration for many of us on the Board is an essay written by a prominent liberal theologian of the 20th century, James Luther Adams: "The Five Smooth Stones of Liberal Religion." Looked at through the lens of this very important and wonderful essay, I wish to update you on our recent work on the Board.

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Board News - February 2016

Ginny Fox, Trustee

As a new Board of Trustees member, I’ve had an awakening. I have to admit that, prior to now, the BOT seemed to me to be a bit like the stars, I always knew it was there, though I didn’t often stop to look at it.

Now that I have had the honor to become a trustee, I see what important work is done by the Board to maintain ERUUF’s functioning as a healthy congregation. I’ve also been overwhelmed with the sincerity, devotion, and commitment to ERUUF by my fellow Trustees, and that of our Ministers and staff.

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Board News - January 2016

Elizabeth Dunn, Secretary

I normally feel like a 27-year-old, although that illusion fades when I look in the mirror or focus on the fact that I am 40 years older than the Duke undergraduates with whom I interact every day and a two or three decades older than most of my library colleagues. Still, at 59, I am blessed with good health, few aches, and a reasonable amount of energy. Another great blessing is my long cultural memory. These feel like dark times: the climate change crisis, racial and religious conflict, gun violence, and free-floating anxiety about unpredictable terrorist acts. The thing is, America has been here before.

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